Friday, October 23, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge - post-Italy, pre-Christmas

I expected to put on weight over our holiday in Italy, and I did. That said, I didn't expect to be walking as much as we did, especially uphill. I tell ya, Tuscany is hilly! I was really, really glad that I'd been losing weight by walking and using the treadmill, or I shudder to think how tough those days would have been! Frankly, I think the tour brochure should have said something about the terrain, because if I did have mobility issues? It would have meant sitting out a lot of the local tours.

I must also confess that some of the weight gain was due to eating too much candy when we got home. I have issued a directive that in future, no Hallowe'en candy should be purchased prior to October 31. It's not like the stores are going to run out! I also only walked one day this week, due to continuing jet-lag.

So, what is my weight today? 139.4.

What is my new goal? Below 135 by Dec. 25.

I may walk this weekend, I may not, but I'll be back to it starting Monday. And I'll be inflating the exercise ball again.


Anonymous said...

Hi. My walking wasn't so great while you were gone. It's just been a cascade effect.

One of my cats died. We have had car trouble, meaning shuttling across town twice in one week. My husband has a sinus infection (losing his voice right before the radio station's fund raising campaign).

I had to make an unexpected visit to my son's doctor to adjust his medication.

Yesterday, we had almost 4 inches of rain in about 2 hours. Today, the kids are out of school.

On the brighter side, I entered some photos in an art exhibition. Even though I didn't win anything, I was in strong contention for an Honorable Mention. Plus,one of them sold. The only other time my artwork has sold was in a silent auction for our local autism society chapter. (I have lots of pictures hanging on my walls.)

I also bought another camera, but still need to test it. I had to replace the light seals, and now I need to run a roll through to make sure everything is working properly.

In other words, life is perfectly normal in our household.


Anonymous said...

Hi again. I thought about my first comment, and realized I had made a slight mistake. Losing B.J. was NOT normal. It was actually very upsetting. Everything else is pretty typical, though.


P.S. My word verification word is cookable.

Margaret Moore said...

We recently lost one of our kitties, too. We'd had her since she was a kitten - sixteen years - so many condolences. And whew, busy life! Congrats on the Honorable Mention! My photos will never win awards, but I do try to look for the unusual.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I didn't win the Honorable Mention. It was a toss-up between my photo and a painting, and the painting won. I was very close, though. The biggy for me was selling the one photo.

We had B. J. for about 6 years, and went thorough a lot with him. We think he had been attacked by a dog when we found him, as he had several holes and half his lower lip torn off. I called him "Broken Jaw", which got shortened. In 2005, he got an infection that fused his elbow, and walked with a limp for the rest of his life. He was a good kitty, though.

Actually, everyone but the bird is a rescue. Me dog was fished out of the storm sewer literally minutes before we had 2 inches of rain. And yes, his name is Lucky.

If I write any more, I might as well be trying me hand a novel. I am looking forward to more pictures.