Thursday, October 29, 2009

Movies and Learning

I've been learning how to upload our mini-movies from Italy, how to rotate them, as well as setting up a web page for our tour group that will not be available for general viewing, although some of the videos, like this one from Capri, eventually will be.

Yes, that's me talking. And yes, the part of Capri I really wanted to see were the cliffs from which Tiberius tossed off his enemies (or people he thought were his enemies.)

That day it poured rain in the morning, then cleared up, which is why I'm also muttering about the sun and later, in this video at Villa Jovis, the ruins of one of Tiberius's villas on Capri, I have my scarf around my head. You'll also hear such clever banter as, "You're taking a movie?"


And yes, that's a rooster crowing.

I've also uploaded pages from our trip for Urbino, which has the most amazing ducal palace (and really, have you ever heard of this town?), as well as Gubbio, which has the second-largest still-standing Roman amphitheatre. I had no idea these places existed, let alone were so fascinating. My bad!

And here's something I've realized. I've been writing for over twenty years, and I still can't say, "I know all about writing dialogue." Whereas something like working with video and uploading it? Once you learn how to do it, you know how to do it. You don't sort of know. Or have a clue. You know.

That's one thing that makes writing a harder job than others. You don't simply learn a skill set and you're done. No matter how much I wish that were so.

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