Monday, October 05, 2009

Oh, teh kittehs!

Like many people, we have cats. Sadly, we lost one of our cats this summer. We'd had Eeky since was a kitten, and she lived for 16 years. We miss her terribly.

Somebody sent me this link to cheer me up. It's Dreaming of Kittens and boy, are they cute!

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Anonymous said...

I can relate. In the last six years we have lost a dog and three cats. My oldest cat is still hanging in at 16. He is hyperthyroid, epileptic, and on special food for his liver, but still seems to enjoy life. When he ceases to enjoy life, we will let him go.

Right now, one of my cats is missing. He is an indoor/outdoor cat, and he did not come home Friday night. I don't like letting them out, but B.J. goes crazy in the house after a while. We think was an outdoor only cat before we adopted him.

Hope you are enjoying the trip!!!