Thursday, April 24, 2014

Another Medieval Title and Release Date!

Good news!  I have a title and release date for the sequel to CASTLE OF THE WOLF, my July release from Harlequin Historicals.

BRIDE FOR A KNIGHT is to be a January 2015 release.  That means it will actually be available earlier, probably mid-December -- in time for Christmas!

What's BRIDE FOR A KNIGHT about?  Here's a little teaser:

Lady Mavis plans to flee her arranged marriage, until she overhears Sir Roland talking to his horse.
Sir Roland wants to cancel the arranged marriage, until he meets the bride.

Mavis is the cousin of the lively heroine of CASTLE OF THE WOLF and Sir Roland is the stern, reticent brother of the villain of that story.  And let me just add, Mavis is no shrinking violet, in any way. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

A wonderful article about Harlequin Historicals

I'm working hard to meet the deadline for the sequel to CASTLE OF THE WOLF, but I wanted to point out a great article about Harlequin Historicals in USA Today. 

Read it here.

Now back to work on Mavis's story!