Friday, November 21, 2014

More Digital Samplers Added

As I noted yesterday, I'm in the process of adding links to digital samplers of my Harlequin books.  This will give readers a chance to enjoy a better look at the book or story.  

Today, I've added links for





And last but not least, a novella:


As you can see, except for the novella, I'm going in alphabetical order with the new links.  I hope to get them all done by the end of next week.  This is one of those times where being prolific has a bit of a down side!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Digital Samplers - We've got more!

Harlequin has made digital samplers for all my Harlequin Historicals available in ebook format, up to 10% of the text.  That's a lot more than the average excerpt!  I plan to add links on the book pages on my site, but as there are many and I've got a new book to finish, it's going to take some time.  But I'm going to get started!

Today, since I started my morning shoveling snow from the driveway, I'm in a bit of a Christmas mood, so I'm going to start off with my favorite of all the Christmas novellas I've written, "Comfort and Joy," in the anthology THE CHRISTMAS VISIT.

Why do I particularly like this story?  For one thing, I waited a long time to give that scarred and wounded hero his own story.  For another, I love the setting (Victorian Wales).  And for a third, I really felt the tune, for lack of a better way to express the writing experience.  It seemed as if everything fell into place.

Just click on the button I made, and you'll be taken directly to "Comfort and Joy."

Monday, November 17, 2014

Good Advice for Writing Dialogue

I've written a fair number of books by now.  Nevertheless, there are days I turn to my library of writing books for advice if I'm stuck, or just a little refresher.  

Recently, I was taking a look at BEYOND STYLE: MASTERING THE FINER POINTS OF WRITING by Gary Provost and encountered a piece of advice that really struck me, about writing dialogue.  

"Look at the dialogue you have written and ask yourself, 'If a stranger were nearby, would she try to eavesdrop on this conversation?'"

I think asking yourself "Would somebody want to eavesdrop on this conversation?" is pretty darn fine advice.  I'll be asking myself this question a lot now that I'm ready to get to work on the second draft of the work-in-progress.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Writing Workshop in Buffalo on November 15

I'm doing a writing workshop in Buffalo, NY, on 
Saturday, November 15.  

 "Goose your Muse:  Inspiration, Motivation and Imagination."  

It's pretty much what it says -- tips and tricks to stay inspired and motivated and the ol' imagination chugging along as you write.

More details, including time and location, are here.

If this is your first meeting with Western New York Romance Writers, it's free!

Saturday, November 01, 2014

My #FallBackinTime Pictures

If you follow me on Twitter (@MargMooreAuthor), you'll have seen the pictures I posted for the Historical Romance Network's #FallBackinTime event.  If you don't, here they are.

This was the first historical romance I ever read, THE WOLF AND THE DOVE, by Kathleen Woodiwiss.

This is how I looked reading my first historical romance.

And finally, my preferred method of time travel.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fun Times with Historical Romance

I've just joined a new group, the Historical Romance Network.  They've got some fun things planned for fans of historical romance, including something to celebrate* the end of Daylight Savings Time.  Check it out and join in!  Look for my "selfie" here or on Twitter.

And while you're visiting the Historical Romance Network website, check out the great video illustrating the variety in historical romance.

 I actually hate the end of Daylight Savings Time, so please join in.  I need all the fun I can get at this time of year! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

My Own Writing Retreat -- Fantasy vs. Reality

So this is the last (half) day of My Own Writing Retreat -- two weeks alone to work on my book.  This is the sort of opportunity I fantasized about when I had two little small children and was beginning my career as a published author.  If only I had time by myself, I would think, and nobody else's schedule to consider, how much I could write! 

Well, guess what?  It did not work out that way.  Yes, I had plenty of time to write, so I did make some major progress, although not a lot of new pages.  I discovered some serious flaws with what I'd already written, leading to lots of time rethinking and revising the foundation chapters (1-3).  I also realized I had to spend more time planning the rest of the book, and that was done. 

As I'd expected, it was easier to work without having to think about anybody else's schedule, so I could work, exercise, and eat when it suited me.   

But it was also very lonely.  What made that worse, I think, was not having a car.  I couldn't even drive into town and chat with a sales clerk.  It was like I'd been sent to camp for two weeks -- all by myself.

And then there was the day I realized I really needed eye drops and discovered the ones I had were past their best-before date.  With no car, what's a gal to do?   Fortunately, it was a lovely sunny day, so I walked into town, a hike of nearly nine miles.  Getting there wasn't too bad, but I was concerned I would do serious injury to my knee if I walked home, so I bought a helmet and a bike and rode home.  Mission accomplished, but not cheaply.  I should have rented a car for the two weeks.  However, that means I now have a bike, and I did go for some more rides, just not nearly as long. 

Also on the upside - I've lost a few pounds.  I don't eat as much when I'm alone and there was all that bike riding and walking.

Would I do it again?  Not for two weeks and not without a car. 

(What book am I working on?  Gerrard's story, the sequel to BRIDE FOR A KNIGHT out in Dec.)