Friday, August 27, 2010

Still something about a library book...

I went to the library yesterday. I picked up one non-fiction book I had on hold and another two "random" works of fiction I just plucked from the shelves. As I was walking home, I realized my heart was beating a little faster - and not from the exercise.

From the excitement of having library books.

Yep, despite it being a few decades since I got my first library card, I am still delighted and excited bringing home new books from the library. I suspect I always will be - and that's a wonderful thing.

Speaking of books, I got my revision notes from my editor. Nothing to make me moan with despair, I'm happy to say. Although they look like relatively quick fixes, I've learned that may or may not be the case, so if you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I'm working on HIGHLAND HEIRESS. (And celebrating a couple of birthdays, too!)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

When your glasses ain't right...

There's another reason I haven't been spending as much time at the computer these days. I got a new prescription for glasses back in June, and so new glasses. They haven't fit right since Day One.

First they were too loose - something I didn't realize until after I left town shortly after picking them up. When I was back in town, I got them adjusted and then discovered they were too tight, when I was out of town again and had two charming red pressure marks on my nose. Back in town, I got them adjusted again - and they were too loose again.

Today, I went back to the glasses place and explained my troubles. I took my old frames, thinking maybe the lenses could be switched. No, but they are replacing the glasses. New frames, new lenses - and no hassle! The manager didn't give me a hard time, or try to make it my fault. He did explain that the titanium frames I had were too light for the lenses, which are progressive, so the weight of the lenses kept pulling the glasses down on my nose. I did note that perhaps somebody should have suggested that those frames might not be the best for that type of lens when I was selecting them, but that was after he'd already offered to give me new glasses.

So color me both impressed and happy - for now. The new frames aren't as "snazzy" but they felt really comfortable and look as if they'll keep the lenses where they ought to be. Here's hoping they fit better and make it easier for me to read and see the computer screen without tilting my head, which is a pain in the neck, literally.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hodge-podge and potpourri

Wondering where I've been? I've been back in the Land o' Pie and Sloth, also Dial-up. That means I do have an internet connection, but it's sloooooow.

What have I been up to down here?

Making curtains. Many, many curtains. It would have helped if the fabric I liked for a set had been available in ample quantities. As it was, I bought what they had, then had to figure out how to make them work with trim to add length. Also, lining. I never want to make lined curtains again. EVER. I've also made a new seat cushion for a wicker love seat and have three more cushions to cover. I bought some fabric to makes some clothes, too.

Ever seen a wisteria growing out of control? If I had my camera, I'd take a picture - except that I've already taken my pruning shears to it. Still needs more cutting, though.

I've been swimming every day with my 85-year-old dad. My mom won't let him go swimming alone, so he's been waiting anxiously for a "swim buddy." I sure hope I'm up for swimming in a choppy lake when I'm 85! Mind you, I do not remember Lake Erie ever being this warm.

Our neighbor's dachsund had puppies - Elvis and Presley. They are the cutest things.

Since the Land o' Pie and Sloth is in the Heart of the Golden Acres, I've been freezing blueberries, raspberries and strawberries for future yummy goodness.

Have I been writing? Nope. I'm expecting a revision letter soon for HIGHLAND HEIRESS, the sequel to HIGHLAND ROGUE, LONDON MISS, so I don't want to start another project only to be yanked back to HIGHLAND HEIRESS. Besides, I've got sewing to do, berries to freeze, a lake to swim.....

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It's been an interesting summer holiday season for us and our cats. On our last visit to the cottage, Luis got himself trapped between the water heater and the corner of the linen closet wall, where the water heater resides. Fearing he was going to suffocate, we frantically tore through the adjoining bedroom wall.

What we did not know was that said wall is comprised of five layers of various materials, as this picture shows.

First was the thin, not-very-attractive dark panelling. Behind that was drywall. Behind that was - and oh, how we hated ripping this out! - the horizontal wooden siding of the original cabin. This part of the cottage is, we've been told, about a hundred years old. Beneath that is what we believe was an original interior wall made of knotty pine panelling that's about half an inch thick, running vertically. Behind that was the plywood we could see in the closet with the water heater. We thought there was only one thin layer of panelling and one of plywood until we started the destruction.

Fortunately, Luis was unscathed, if traumatized - as were we. However, there was one major bonus: that knotty pine panelling. We're hoping we can refinish it, as it's much nicer that what was over it. Now we're also very curious about what might be behind the other walls, but will proceed with caution.

The other catastrophe involves Luis's brother, The Count, pictured here in his I'm-just-hanging-around-the-cottage mode (although the first time I saw him up on that railing? I just about swooned, as it's open to the floor below).

We took him for his annual check-up and shots, and this time, he had an allergic reaction. So it was three more trips back and forth to the vets until he was feeling better. Poor boy!

Seriously, I don't know who these things are harder on - us or the animals! And as for costs...we shall not discuss, although I suspect that's the kind of added expense that makes non-pet-owners wonder why anyone would bother.

(Pet owners know why: we love them, destruction, expense, traumas and all.)