Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It's been an interesting summer holiday season for us and our cats. On our last visit to the cottage, Luis got himself trapped between the water heater and the corner of the linen closet wall, where the water heater resides. Fearing he was going to suffocate, we frantically tore through the adjoining bedroom wall.

What we did not know was that said wall is comprised of five layers of various materials, as this picture shows.

First was the thin, not-very-attractive dark panelling. Behind that was drywall. Behind that was - and oh, how we hated ripping this out! - the horizontal wooden siding of the original cabin. This part of the cottage is, we've been told, about a hundred years old. Beneath that is what we believe was an original interior wall made of knotty pine panelling that's about half an inch thick, running vertically. Behind that was the plywood we could see in the closet with the water heater. We thought there was only one thin layer of panelling and one of plywood until we started the destruction.

Fortunately, Luis was unscathed, if traumatized - as were we. However, there was one major bonus: that knotty pine panelling. We're hoping we can refinish it, as it's much nicer that what was over it. Now we're also very curious about what might be behind the other walls, but will proceed with caution.

The other catastrophe involves Luis's brother, The Count, pictured here in his I'm-just-hanging-around-the-cottage mode (although the first time I saw him up on that railing? I just about swooned, as it's open to the floor below).

We took him for his annual check-up and shots, and this time, he had an allergic reaction. So it was three more trips back and forth to the vets until he was feeling better. Poor boy!

Seriously, I don't know who these things are harder on - us or the animals! And as for costs...we shall not discuss, although I suspect that's the kind of added expense that makes non-pet-owners wonder why anyone would bother.

(Pet owners know why: we love them, destruction, expense, traumas and all.)


Jen Lazaris said...

I'm so glad your kitties are both ok, Margaret. I'm also glad I am not the only one who would more than likely rip out a wall for my cat!

Even with all of the ripped furniture, vet issues, and other pain-in-the-butt stuff they do, I wouldn't trade them for the world.

Now if I can just get a handle on all of the FUR...this shedding season is driving me crazy.

Margaret Moore said...

Oh, I hear ya on that! Our two kitties are short hair (although with both black and white hair - guaranteed to show on anything), so it's not so bad. Our late, lamented Eeky was a fluff ball, though. We really notice the difference.

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't look at me. After we got back from Colorado last month, between two dogs and a 17 year old cat, my vet/board bill was just shy of $600. We went to Alabama for three days this week (just walked in the door a few minutes ago, as a matter of fact), and will be picking the dogs up tomorrow. The oldest kitty was euthanized just a couple of weeks after we got back from Colorado, so I don't have to pay for him. He was the most expensive of the three, because of all the medication he was on and special care he needed.

And remember, no costume is complete without cat hair. And they will shed a contrasting color on whatever you are wearing. My Connor is a fluffy fur, but everyone else is shorthaired. I can usually tell whose hair it is by the color and lenght.

Ruth said...

I am so happy to have found you.. you sound like a very interesting person :)

I am an avid reader and somewhere deep within me is a book :)