Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wedding Pictures!

My daughter's wedding was wonderful. Even Mother Nature cooperated with a beautifully sunny day.

Being self-described geeks getting married on Star Wars Day, there were plenty of geeky touches. The biggest Star Wars Day surprise was the ring bearer.

We didn't know about this. Nobody did, except the bride, groom (who found and arranged the special guest appearance online), their friend who was the driver (and apparently pretty darn pumped driving around with R2D2 in his car, although if you were stuck behind him on the highway because he was driving so very slowly and carefully, our apologies) and of course, the operator, who works the remote controls behind his back, so nobody knows anything's afoot. R2 even made the appropriate noises coming up the aisle.

But it wasn't all Star Wars and video games, as the seating chart demonstrates.

The bride and groom also exercised their considerable creativity with the centerpieces. They bought lanterns at IKEA, then personalized them to each table. Ours was Pemberley. Is that cool or what???

(Those are little electric tea lights on the top, that later went inside the lanterns.)

What made the day most memorable, though, beyond all the surprising, clever and creative personal touches my daughter and her fiance came up with, was their obvious love for each other. When it comes to a child's wedding, everything else pales in comparison. Both our children have found wonderful spouses, and for that, we are truly grateful.