Monday, February 29, 2016

Where did February go?

Yikes, it's been awhile since I've blogged!  I think I have some pretty good excuses, though.  Two of them, both babies.

In January, I became a foster grandma.  I knew that that was in the works, of course, but if you think writing a book is tough, try going through the process of becoming licensed to provide foster care.  Makes revisions look like a cakewalk.  But the process WAS completed by my son and his wife, and in January, they became foster parents to a baby.  Believe me, it was as exciting as the call I got from an editor at Harlequin telling me they wanted to buy my first book.  Even if the placement isn't permanent, it's still a thrill.

Then in February, I found out my daughter and her husband are expecting.  Right around my birthday, too.  Cue more excitement!  And frankly, folks, I suggest you buy stock in Osh-Kosh, Michael's and Fabricland, because there's already been a whole lotta shoppin' goin' on!

I'm also working on a book.  It was due late last Year-of-the-Medical-Crises.  Fortunately, my very understanding publisher has allowed me to take my time to write it.  However, as anybody who's written a book that required stopping, starting over, stopping and starting again can probably attest, it's not been an easy road.  It's one I'm still on. 

So it's been a bit of a "different" time for me.  Fortunately, things are going well, but it's still uncharted waters for the next few months, so I can't say how often I'll be blogging.  I'm much more likely to be tweeting, so if you want to follow the progress of my current manuscript (aka The Great Ragout because I threw everything and then some into the first draft), I suggest you follow me there -- @margmooreauthor

I hope everyone is enjoying a good year so far.  I'm certainly having a much better one!