Wednesday, October 21, 2015

More Foreign Editions!

One of the thrills of writing for Harlequin Historical is getting the various editions of my books in translation from all over the world.  Here are two of the latest:

To the left is THE OVERLORD'S BRIDE, called UNE TROUBLANTE INNOCENCE from Harlequin France.  That translates to "a disturbing innocence," which is quite adequate, I must say!

To the right is CASTLE OF THE WOLF, or A LA MERCI DU CHEVALIER - "at the mercy of the knight."  I like this translation, too!  

Bonus discovery while getting links for this post -- THE VIKING* is available in a French anthology!  

Not all overseas editions are in languages other than English.  Here's the new British cover of IN THE KING'S SERVICE, currently available from Mills & Boon:

Nice, eh?  A good cover in any edition is also a thrill!

*As of this date, THE VIKING hasn't been reissued in North America in any version.  You can get the sequel, THE SAXON, in digital format, though.