Thursday, August 26, 2010

When your glasses ain't right...

There's another reason I haven't been spending as much time at the computer these days. I got a new prescription for glasses back in June, and so new glasses. They haven't fit right since Day One.

First they were too loose - something I didn't realize until after I left town shortly after picking them up. When I was back in town, I got them adjusted and then discovered they were too tight, when I was out of town again and had two charming red pressure marks on my nose. Back in town, I got them adjusted again - and they were too loose again.

Today, I went back to the glasses place and explained my troubles. I took my old frames, thinking maybe the lenses could be switched. No, but they are replacing the glasses. New frames, new lenses - and no hassle! The manager didn't give me a hard time, or try to make it my fault. He did explain that the titanium frames I had were too light for the lenses, which are progressive, so the weight of the lenses kept pulling the glasses down on my nose. I did note that perhaps somebody should have suggested that those frames might not be the best for that type of lens when I was selecting them, but that was after he'd already offered to give me new glasses.

So color me both impressed and happy - for now. The new frames aren't as "snazzy" but they felt really comfortable and look as if they'll keep the lenses where they ought to be. Here's hoping they fit better and make it easier for me to read and see the computer screen without tilting my head, which is a pain in the neck, literally.

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Anonymous said...

Glasses. I need new ones also. I wear contacts, but need glasses at night and in the morning when they're not in. I already needed new glasses before Connor chewed them up. The first time, he just chewed the earpieces. Then he got ahold of them again, and actually chewed the lenses. Now I am looking through toothmarks.

I have to get youth frames, because adult frames are too big. Then I have expensive high index lenses, because my prescription is so strong. I am extremely near-sighted, and a regular lens is too thick and heavy. I've been in contacts since 1983, and I hope I never have to go back to just glasses. I actually have periphial vision with my contact, but can't see past the frames with glasses.