Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hodge-podge and potpourri

Wondering where I've been? I've been back in the Land o' Pie and Sloth, also Dial-up. That means I do have an internet connection, but it's sloooooow.

What have I been up to down here?

Making curtains. Many, many curtains. It would have helped if the fabric I liked for a set had been available in ample quantities. As it was, I bought what they had, then had to figure out how to make them work with trim to add length. Also, lining. I never want to make lined curtains again. EVER. I've also made a new seat cushion for a wicker love seat and have three more cushions to cover. I bought some fabric to makes some clothes, too.

Ever seen a wisteria growing out of control? If I had my camera, I'd take a picture - except that I've already taken my pruning shears to it. Still needs more cutting, though.

I've been swimming every day with my 85-year-old dad. My mom won't let him go swimming alone, so he's been waiting anxiously for a "swim buddy." I sure hope I'm up for swimming in a choppy lake when I'm 85! Mind you, I do not remember Lake Erie ever being this warm.

Our neighbor's dachsund had puppies - Elvis and Presley. They are the cutest things.

Since the Land o' Pie and Sloth is in the Heart of the Golden Acres, I've been freezing blueberries, raspberries and strawberries for future yummy goodness.

Have I been writing? Nope. I'm expecting a revision letter soon for HIGHLAND HEIRESS, the sequel to HIGHLAND ROGUE, LONDON MISS, so I don't want to start another project only to be yanked back to HIGHLAND HEIRESS. Besides, I've got sewing to do, berries to freeze, a lake to swim.....


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're more energetic than I am. We went to the Birmingham, AL zoo earlier this month, and it wore me out. They have several species of small cats, which are my favorites. I am hoping, however, that at least one photo of their Indo-Chinese Tiger turns out. He was looking right at me, and we were only about four feet apart through the glass, but I had my camera set wrong.

AS for your dad swimming at 85, I can tell of an incident that happened while I was working at WalMart. I was on a express register, which I hated (too many rude people in too big a hurry). I checked out an elderly lady, who wrote a check. As she wrote VERRRYYYYY slowly, the man in line behind her fumed and fussed. Naturally, I checked her ID. After she left with her purchase, he sacastically asked "Could she have moved any slower?" I replied "Personally, when I'm 99 years old, I'd be happy to be that active." Yes, according to her ID, she was 99 years old.

I don't have wisteria, but I do have bindweed, what I think are morning glories, another type of flowering vine, some kind of creeper and somehow, wild grapes taking over the place. I need to get after them with the loppers, but I lack the ambition.

Any more kitty adventures? I had to take Cappuccino to the vet because she kept throwing up, but she is better now. Puppy Ilka goes in on the first to be spayed, and kitties Suits and Boeing are going in for shots. At least they only have to be spayed or neutered once.

School starts Monday. I can hardly wait. I love my kids, but I do enjoy time by myself. I will also be able to start walking the dogs again, and hopefully wear Ilka out. She is getting too hyper from lack of excercise.

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