Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cover Reveal!

Here it is, the cover for my next Harlequin Historical, A MARRIAGE OF ROGUES, available January, 2017.

He made a dangerous wager...and won himself a wife.

Gambling hells are Sir Develin Drake's forte. Hunting risk, craving victory, he's surprised by nothing. Until the woman whose dowry Develin has claimed in a card game proposes the only solution that will rescue her from ruin: a wedding.

Wicked Develin isn't made for matrimony, but all Lady Theodora Markham demands is a convenient arrangement. He must avoid falling for his wife's sensual charms -- there are secrets hidden behind her beguiling gaze -- yet neither can resist surrendering to the passion their marriage bed promises! 


Set in Regency England and not tied to any of my previous books.


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