Sunday, October 04, 2009

PR pictures

One of the things writers have to do, once they get published, is provide pictures of themselves to their publishers.

I hate having my picture taken. I'm also a notorious "blinker," but it dawned on me that it was, perhaps, about time I had a new one done. It helped that I discovered the best man at my son's wedding is a good photographer. So, thanks to Tom Panasiak, I have some new pictures to send to Harlequin.

A reminder: I'm out of the country, so won't be commenting on comments until after we return.

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Kimber Chin said...

Great photo. It has a Edmund Blair Leighton look about it.!.jpg

I think it is the yellow glow. Really fitting for the medieval genre.

I have thus far avoided the pr photo. I cling to the illusion that no one knows who I am.