Friday, October 30, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge - Hallowe'en is teh evil

Okay, maybe I shouldn't actually blame Hallowe'en for the failure to lose much weight this week. Maybe I should be blaming my inability to resist mini-chocolate bars and when they run out, still craving chocolate and buying full-size bars myself. Oh, the weakness!

Couple that with not exercising every day (sore muscle one day, company on another) and...139.4 this morning.

Here's the thing I've absolutely learned: exercise alone won't make me lose weight (or I wouldn't have gained an ounce on our trip). You can diet alone and lose weight, but it goes faster and I feel better if I exercise consistently.

I've also learned that it's very easy to fall off the consistent exercise wagon. I really had to convince myself to get on that treadmill yesterday. I was glad I did, especially since I won't be today, but it's easier when it becomes a habit.

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Anonymous said...

Walking? What walking. Here is my week. Monday, take daughter to dentist because of Sunday night trampoline accident (luckily, it was a baby tooth that got knocked loose), and pouring rain. Tuesday, take son to doctor (threw up at school on Monday, I had to go get him), and rain. Wednesday, beautiful day, but daughter home sick with stomach bug. Thurday, walked for 45 minutes and got rained on. Today, pouring rain since around midnight. I wouldn't be walking, I'd be swimming.

At least I don't have the temptation of candy, as I haven't bought any yet. The day after Halloween, I will buy some. We take the kids to our mall for Trick Or Treat, as it is safer than wandering the streets.

I've been enjoying the pictures. Thanks for sharing.