Saturday, October 24, 2009

Still Available!

Although I've been rather preoccupied by my trip, I should note again that I do have a new release this month.

The Welsh Lord's Mistress, is a short novella available from eHarlequin.


Bron yearned to be with Trefor ap Gruffydd for years—and even more so after he returns home from exile a handsome, hardened warrior. Brons's hopes are raised when she sees her desire reflected in Trefor's eyes...only to be crushed when she learns he is to be married to another woman!

Terfor's duty demands that he marry a rich woman who can help his family's estate, not a servant like Bron. Yet Bron and Trefor's passion is too powerful to be denied. But if Bron is willing to give up her virtue to become his mistress, can Trefor sacrifice his honor to make her his wife?

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