Monday, October 26, 2009

Killer Fatigue

Here I am outside the Pantheon, which was wonderful and interesting and really cool.

What you can't tell from this picture is how exhausting this trip was. "Killer fatigue" is a term used on the internet to describe the state of the racers in The Amazing Race after they've been on the race for awhile, and let me affirm, it's real and it impacts your mind. I tell you, by the end of our trip, I would walk by a street, note the name on the sign and then ten feet away, couldn't remember it. When we were asked for the name of our hotel in Rome, my mind went completely blank. And that was our second day there. Add in jet-lag and ooooh, boy!

It's taken me a week to sleep in until 7 a.m. and only this morning have I felt like myself.

This week, I'll be going through our pictures and posting them on my site. It's going to be a slow process, because there are a lot of pictures to go through and label. For instance, from one day in Rome, there are 144 pictures. And then there's the time it takes to figure out what all of them are. Some are obvious (the Vatican); others, not so much (the statue of Giordano Bruno). I may post some more on my blog, or I may just post a link when I've added them to my site, because it really is time-consuming, and I want to get ready for NaNoWriMo. I'm not going to register officially. However, I am going to try to write two scenes a day, starting Nov. 1, for my next book. If I don't have revisions for the one I just submitted, that is. To prepare, I bought large-size recipe cards, and next week I hope to get an outline done, and also hope to add more than the basics I already have in the synopsis.

So even though I won't be actually writing, I'll be working and spending lots of time on my computer. I think I'm just about finished with the Rome pictures. On to Monte Cassino!

This is the outside of the Pantheon. The inside is beautiful, with different colored marble. The artist Raphael is buried there.


Anonymous said...

Hi. How far into the trip was this taken? You do seem to have a rather glazed look to your eyes.

As for not being able to remember streets and stuff, that is normal for me. I have gotten lost in my own neighborhood before, and I have lived in the same area for 18 years.


Margaret Moore said...

Actually, that's me just being goofy.
That was nearly a week into the trip.

Cheryl St.John said...

I am still obsessing about your charm. Losing somethIng makes me crazy, especIally something like that - you can't just run out and Pick up another!

Margaret Moore said...

I went online and I can order another one exactly the same, for the same price. I can also get one of a gondola, so...I think I will.

Actually, I was thrilled to find that site, because silver charms are few and far between these days. You can also order bracelets and I can think of a couple of people I'd like to get them for, but I'm going to try a charm first and make sure it arrives, the site is secure, etc.