Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trefor and Bron

One of the great things about writing my Undone, THE WELSH LORD'S MISTRESS, was the chance to give two secondary characters a happy ending when I otherwise might not have had the chance. Trefor was the brother of the hero of THE WARLORD'S BRIDE, and Bron was a servant who clearly, at the end of that book, had a "thing" for Trefor. It was fun to give them a story, and since there was obviously already something going on, it made it easier to develop their relationship in the shorter format.

Often when I'm writing a novel, I create a secondary character who may not wind up getting his or her own book, but I still think of as fully formed people who deserve a happy ending. Sometimes I eventually get to write about them, as with Drury and Buggy, but there are others who linger on the edges of my mind, as if they're waiting behind the velvet rope. Maybe I'll get to write about them someday, in some form, but until the time or format is right, they have to wait.

Here are some examples:

Charlie Grendon and Eleanor from THE VISCOUNT'S KISS and the other books in that series
Lachlann, from BRIDE OF LOCHBARR

I recently had an email asking about the hero's half brothers in THE DUKE'S DESIRE.

Are there any other secondary characters from my books you've wondered about?

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