Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lost is losin' me

When I write a book, I try to maintain what I call "plot logic." That is, I want my characters to react to things in a way that makes sense both in terms of the characters as I've described them and in a believable, conceivable, realistic way. And that's where the TV show Lost is losing me.

Last night, Claire, the young woman who had the baby, discovers her child is ill. She starts having flashbacks of what happened to her earlier on the island, when she was kidnapped. She becomes convinced that the "others" have infected her baby, and that the medicine that will cure her baby is somewhere on the island, in a place where she was kept in a fairly drug-addled state before she escaped.

Now, does she gather everybody around and reveal the details of the these flashbacks and ask for a "posse" to help her find this place? No, she hands her sick infant over to another woman (prompting me to think, "How or what is the baby supposed to eat while she's gone?"), and takes one more (armed) woman off into the jungle. They meet up with a (maybe) crazy woman and off the three of them go on this little search -- without apparently telling anybody WHY or WHAT FOR.

They find a big underground complex. They know there are "others" who aren't nice on the island. Do they go back for reinforcements? Ah, heck, no, they just go right in.

They find working flashlights. Does this cause them to consider that perhaps this place isn't quite as deserted as it looks and maybe back-up would be a good idea? No, they keep going. At this point, I'm thinking of all those horror movies where some nitwit goes creeping around with a candle. This is not a good thing.

Fortunately, the place was, indeed, deserted. But do they go back and say "guess what we found?" Nope.

At least, it didn't look like it to me. But hey, the baby's okay (just like the person who's really a doctor said) big whoop, I guess.

ARGH. This sort of thing just drives me nuts. If I'm on a creepy island looking for people who kidnapped me and wanted my baby, I'd sure take along more people than one woman with a gun and a possibly nutty woman with a rifle. And if I found a bunker? I'd be fetching everybody I could get.

Sawyer may be pretty and an interesting character, but too much more of this, and I will be "lost" indeed.


Michelle said...

Hey Margaret... Yeah, I know. That episode left a little to be desired. But I just chalked it up to a weak ep in an otherwise great show. Kate bugs the crap out of me.

And Sawyer better do something redeemable soon, because the frog thing almost took him off my hottie list. ;-)

Margaret Moore said...

I have a phobia about frogs, so the actual demise of a frog didn't trouble me so much as doing it to upset Hurley.

I'm kinda meh about Kate. She doesn't bother me, but she doesn't interest me much, either.