Thursday, March 23, 2006

Eyes on the finish line and confused by Lost...

I can see the finish line of the first draft! It's getting close! Mind you, I still have a big ol' trial by combat to write and the denoument, but still... And then I have to do extensive renovations, but still... And I'll probably lose at least a hundred pages, BUT STILL "the end" is in sight! When I start a book, that always seems a million years and a million miles away, so it's cause for joy to think I'm nearly there.

Last night, I watched Lost and there was something I just did not understand. Why did Sun tell Jin that he was the reason she couldn't get pregnant after keeping that secret for so long? Why give him any cause at all to think he might not be the father? I suppose we could think Sun was wondering that, too, except for her expression as she embraced Jin. It seems to me she's pretty sure he's not the father. Is this intended to make us sympathize with Jin? Or set up more conflict? Either way, it struck me as pure "plot device." And that's not so good.

Speaking of Jin, there's an interesting, complex character. And not exactly hard on the eyes, either. Well, I can say the same about Sun. Somebody nominate those two for an Emmy. Possibly Sawyer. Also, Hurley. I cannot imagine that show without him. Oh, and how great was it to see Rose and Bernard? But enough! My own characters beckon!


Lisa Pulliam said...

I wondered the same about Sun and Jin. Why tell him? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. But my husband had the idea that maybe the island is a place to make things right. Giving them a baby, Locke being able to walk again and Claire keeping her baby, etc. Also - I was pleased with some of the questioning things they did. For example, asking the possible "other" why he doesn't have a beard. I also sat there wondering why someone on an airplane would have had a pregnancy test, then Kate asked that on the show. I like that they try to keep some parts realistic.

Margaret Moore said...

I think they're realizing people are asking those questions, too. That Henry is one creeeepy fella!