Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Longest First Draft EVAH!

I think I've just finished the longest first draft of a novel I've ever written. I'm pretty sure... Anyway, today, I wrote "The End" on the first draft of MY LORD'S DESIRE, and that baby has clocked in at a whooping 444 pages. Whooo doggies! That's about 44 pages over what it should be. But this is fantastic! Why, you ask? Because I can cut without fear, without guilt, without worrying that I'll come up short. It's Freedom 444!!

But then, when I went to print it up? I discovered I have three versions of Chapter One. Ummm...what's up with that? Different POVs, apparently. I've printed them all and I'll have to decide which one I like better.

AND I'm nearly finished with the page proofs for HERS TO DESIRE, my Aug. book. They may be ready to go tomorrow; if not then, Friday for sure, and oh, the joy of having a full two weeks to do that job!

Another milestone reached: I now have over 1,000 subscribers to my email newsletter. My monthly draw from among them for a $25 electronic gift certificate from Amazon continues, so if you're reading this and you haven't subscribed, and you wouldn't mind hearing from me once a month, head on over to my site and sign up.

AND AND AND my daughter's friend, who knows of our admiration for Richard Armitage from the BBC production of "North and South," has informed us that he's going to be playing Sir Guy of Gisbourne in a 13 part series about Robin Hood being made by the BBC. Oh, boy! If that comes out here, and/or in DVD, I'm so there. That guy will be one sexy villain -- and I love a sexy villain. In fact, and you heard it here first, about two minutes after I heard about RA being Sir Guy, one of the villains in MY LORD'S DESIRE, which is set during the reign of King John, suddenly morphed into a medieval Richard Armitage! Oh, it was a magical moment. Between having lots of words to work with, and that vision dancing in my head, I can hardly wait to get revising!


Michelle said...

Sweet Lord. I went to RA's site. Hoo-boy, there's a handsome devil. And I think I just might be using him as my character inspiration for a... handsome devil. LOL

Congrats on finishing your book!

Margaret Moore said...

Ain't he sumthin'??? And thanks, but alas, I'm no where near finishing the book. I have much, MUCH work to do. But at least I know the complete plot at last....

Michelle said...

>alas, I'm no where near finishing the book.

True. But just think of all those people who never even get to "The End." Finishing a first draft is a cause for celebration. And tequila. ;-)

Bookworm said...

Hey, great post.

If you love Richard and want to get the latest on Robin Hood and his other projects and talk fiction at the same time, then please come join C19.

we're a friendly forum!


Phillipa said...

Hi Margaret

From a fellow romance writer for Headline Little Black Dress (a UK romance imprint)and member of the UK Romantic Novelists Association - and a big fan of Richard. In fact he inspired a friend and I to write (and publish) our first novels. Richard's character has figured in a tremendous amount of historical and contemporary fanfic and it's great (but not surprising) to see he has provided the inspiration for your novels. You'll have a whole new batch of Avon and Harlequin Historicals fans if you keep Richard in mind as your inspiration. :) He is also the subject of occasional discussion on the eharlequin Mouse & Pen board.