Saturday, March 25, 2006

What's with the love scene interruptions?

I tell ya, there are times I think the current w-i-p is suffering some kind of curse. Every time I try to write a love scene, I get about two pages done and I get interrupted. Last night, I didn't get to work until 8 p.m. (busy day) and while I was tempted to take the day off, I want to get this first draft done by the end of the month (ie next week!). So there I was at about 8:20, writing what is, for me, the most difficult type of scene to write, when there's a knock at the front door. That was weird in itself, but last time I was trying to write another love scene, the phone rang. Talk about yer mood-killers! Sigh. I did go back and I did finish the scene, but geez! I may have to start hanging out a do-not-disturb sign on the front door and unplugging the phones.

Also yesterday, the calls went out to the authors who received RITA nomintations. For those of you not in Romance Writers of America, that's the annual awards they hand out.

I did enter this year (THE UNWILLING BRIDE), but alas, no call from Texas for me. This is, I'll confess, kinda depressing. Nobody likes to feel like a loser.

However, over the years I've found several words of wisdom to help when the feelings of writerly inadequacy rear their ugly, pointed little heads. I've decided to share some of these wise words. I'm going to try to find time to blog every Monday with a Quote of the Week.

But I'll start now:

"You take on the ordeal of being an artist, and your reward get to be an artist. That's it. That's all you can be sure of." -- Bruce Holland Rogers, Word Work: Surviving and Thriving as a Writer

That may not sound very inspiring, but it is to me. Praise and recognition may come or it may not. But if it doesn't? You still get to be an artist. I get to create places, people, and whole worlds with just words. And I get paid to do it. Whether I'm nominated for an award or not, I'm still a very fortunate woman, able to do work I enjoy, and even if I get interrupted at the most inconvenient times.


Tal said...

Magaret, I'm not sure I have any words of wisdom.. but your books give me joy in this life which I can hardly find any joy anywhere(besides my children).. you make me FORGET.. you make me laugh... you make me make me dream... Taline

Margaret Moore said...

Wow, Taline -- I'm touched and honored and inspired by your comment. Thank you so much!