Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Percolating along

Oh, kaloo kalay! I'm having a good time with the w-i-p, even if it's a bit of a "kitchen sink" draft at the moment, as in, I throw in everything but. The story and characters are taking on a life of their own, and that's exciting. Revisons lie ahead, but for now, I'm just going with the flow.

And tonight, The Amazing Race! I gather some folks think the Frosties are too screechy and a bit vulger, but I love 'em. As I said to my daughter, I'd be screeching, too, if I were them. I'm not liking the dentist, Lake. What some guys consider competitive intensity translates to being a poor sport and sore loser to me.

There's also a new show starting tonight, featuring President Palmer. Well, Dennis Haysbert. But he'll always be President Palmer to me. Which reminds me. RIP, Edgar. *sniff* (Fans of 24 will understand.)

Now, if I'm going to indulge in TV tonight, I'd better get back to my own story. I've written seven pages so far today, but have more to do before I call it quits.


Lisa Pulliam said...

I have chosen to believe that President Palmer wasn't really killed, he was just such a great special ops guy that they took him out for the "new show." :-)

I can't believe they killed Edgar!!!! That was very, very sad... And Chloe's face! Good acting. She didn't overdo it, which I liked because she's not particularly a caring person. But she looked as shocked as her character should. *sniff sniff*

Margaret Moore said...

I like your idea about the Pres! Yes, he lives on -- although I have to say, I was a bit disappointed with "The Unit". The hijacking thing didn't really grab me -- perhaps not enough about the folks in the plane to snag my emotions? OTOH, I was trying to finish a quilt for a friend at the time, so I wasn't paying strict attention. :-) I got a hoot out of the names Black and White. "We're brothers." Hee! And the subplots with the wives look interesting and definitely something different, so I'll watch it again.

Lisa Pulliam said...

I had it set to Tivo but it didn't work...stupid machine...I'll have to read a summary of it and catch it next week. Sounds interesting! How did you feel when Kim popped back in on 24? And who was creepo she was with? I can understand being hurt that her dad lied, but jeez - at least give him a hug or something.

Margaret Moore said...

Kim's just kinda "meh" to me. I don't hate her, but wouldn't miss her, either. Apparently her shrink/boyfriend is played by the guy who was Ponyboy in The Outsider - a movie I saw in a tiny theater in Arizona while on vacation. Ah, memories!