Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My glamorous life....

So I decided to watch some fleece pullovers today, along with a spring jacket made of black fabric that the (mostly) white cat had slept on (natch, and how it got on the floor of the closet? No idea.) Anyway, when the washing cycle ends, I open the washer and discover....white bits of tissue all over everything.

ARGH! I thought I'd checked all the pockets, but no.

I put the clothes in the dryer, thinking (hopefully) that the drying process would take care of most of it. Then I did my half hour of rowing. Then I checked the dryer. Alas, there are still white bits of fluff clinging to the fleece. The jacket, however, is fine.

I laughed. I mean, how many times have I done this? Too many! And I can't be too frustrated on TARsday. I made a special treat, too -- chocolcate pudding cake. It's a mix, but oh, my, it's yummy. I'm still chugging along on the w-i-p, too. Wrote more than my self-imposed deadline today - whoo hoo!

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