Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Happy TARsday!

Yippee -- another Tuesday, another episode of The Amazing Race. Not that I want to see or hear another "intense" word out of ol' Lake. Still, it's the best reality show out there. I didn't realize how much I appreciated the various tasks in various international locales until the last season, which stayed pretty much in NA. Boooring!

And yee haw! I have reached the end of the middle that had been relatively non-existent in the synopsis. It's turned out to be quite a few pages -- as in about 250 (!!). But that's great, because it means I can slash and burn when I revise without being really worried I'm going to wind up with a novella, not a novel. There are a few plot/subplot threads I've dropped along the way, and some I've added (like the BHB -- see post below for explanation) so I'll have to decide what will stay, be expanded, or shortened, or cut entirely. I have no problem with cutting and rewriting. Which is good, since I'm not patient enough to do a big outline.

Also, since it's TARsday, I get to make another pudding cake. YUM!

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