Saturday, March 04, 2006

Synopsis Gapicus

So there I am, writing merrily away, and I've gone just past the end of the beginning of my synopsis in terms of the story. I've got the set up, I have some backstory there (but certainly not all), I've got the major players in play. I decide to see what I've got for the middle portion and discover...nothing.

In the synopsis, which also functions as my main outline, I go from the set-up/backstory (end of the beginning) to the beginning of the end, with no real idea of what goes on in between (about 100 to 150 pages). On the one hand, ACK!! What the heck's going to happen? How could I have so little planned?

But on the other hand, COOL! I can do all sorts of stuff with the conspiracy subplot, another subplot that's crept in there, I still have some important backstory/character history to reveal, and lo and behold, this story is turning into one of my more "sexy" romances, so I can have some intimate moments that I hadn't envisioned. No need to panic. I've got lots I can do to lead up to the beginning of the end.

And then, along comes the episode of Battlestar Galactica with Mr. Kennedy (Jamie Bamber, who plays Lee Adama, aka Apollo, but who'll always be the ill-fated Mr. Kennedy in Horatio Hornblower to my daughter and me) in just a towel. That boy's been working out. Oh, my word! There is something about a muscular, naked male thigh that's just...something to remember when I'm working on those intimate scenes in the middle of my book.

(Just for your viewing pleasure, I found a screen capture here. Go to Pictures, Film and TV, Battlestar Galactica, Season 2, "Final Cut" and scroll down until...well, you'll see what I mean.)

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