Friday, March 17, 2006

The more I have to do...

The more I get done. Seriously. Yesterday, with the first draft to work on and the manuscript to be proofread arriving? I not only met my writing deadline, I finished sorting and totalling my expenses for my income tax, started on my proofreading, did laundry, rowed for half an hour, made dinner and worked on a baby quilt I'm making just for the fun of it (as in, I have no baby in mind to give it to -- it will probably wind up as a donation to the church bazaar) while watching that new reality show about inventions because Survivor wasn't on.

I probably won't watch that show again. Too heavy handed with the melodrama, for one thing. And it was disturbing to hear how much money some people had spent to "follow their dream." I'll say one thing, though -- it sure made trying to become a published author sound cheap! A computer (which you can use for other things as well), printer and paper, and there ya go. Maybe you buy some books (although you can always use the library), join a writers group or two, and attend a couple of conferences -- still nowhere near the $100,000 one guy spent. I suspect, however, that similar amounts of self-doubt, hope and angst are involved.

Just for the record: I liked the sand bag shovel best. I could see that having a practical application, not so much for individuals as for cities, emergency organizations, etc.

Now back to work! I've already written one scene today, but want to do another before switching gears and tackling the proofreading.

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