Thursday, March 16, 2006

Holy motivation, Batman!

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe I have hit on one of the all-time great motivations for writing. I've booked a plane ticket to NYC to hand-deliver my manuscript. Yes, I will showing up in the offices with a bulky package in person. Not only that, I've informed my editor I'll be doing so.

What prompted this apparent insanity? First and foremost, the realization that, using air miles, I could go to Ny myself for only slightly more than it costs to FedEx my manuscript. I use FedEx because I like the extra time it gives me, and I know it will arrive on time for sure. I've never had a problem that way with them.

Secondly, because of family commitments, I'm not going to the RWA national conference in Atlanta this year. By going to NY myself, I can meet with my agent and editors, and frankly, in a much more relaxed setting (for all of us).

And finally, I love NY. I especially love NY in spring. My sister's coming with me, so it's a chick fest! She can shop while I hobnob, because after several years, we have concluded we simply shouldn't shop together. She's a browser, I'm a buyer and never the twain shall meet.

However -- and of course -- after booking the flights yesterday, today I get proofreading to do. Which will interfere with the w-i-p and see below re switching gears. Fortunately, I have a long turnaround time, so I can still work on my first draft; I don't have to abandon it to work on the AAs. I'm also glad I did my weekly website update yesterday. I found a wonderful Isish proverb, since it's nearly St. Patrick's Day and what with the Moore Irish ancestry:
May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and the road downhill all the way to your door.

So if my blogging is even more sporadic than usual? You know why.

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