Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hey, that guy could be this guy!

I had another brainwave as I was writing yesterday. It was one of those unforeseen plot and/or characters developments I live for. I wanted to introduce some new characters, and I wanted one of them to have a particular characteristic. And then, it occurred to me that he could actually be a character from one of the planned sequels. Oh, baby, that could totally work! I was thrilled, and excited, and then I had to stop writing.

That's what happens when I create an unforeseen plot or character development -- I have to take a break and wander around, thinking about how it's going to affect the rest of the story. Sometimes, I decide it'll mess up the story too much -- make it too complicated, or take it 'way off the path into uncharted waters, waters that are not what my editor's expecting. But other times, like this time, I can work it into the story and it adds a whole new layer to the tale. Yippee!

On an Amazing Race note: Eric and Jeremy have earned my scorn with their comments and behavior and I hope they're out soon. I was sorry to see the Glamazons go. Next week, with the dolls? Looks like a nightmare!

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