Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Made it!

A first -- a double blog day! Because I made my fifteen page quota and may even write some more before TAR! Ah, it feels good -- and thank you, oh smarmy villain guy, for making it possible by getting my hero and heroine good and angry and making my hero announce, to the heroine's shock and mine, that she's his wife.

Well, not really -- but as good as, so get yer stinkin' mitts off! Heheheheee. And now my boy Armand has to make sure the king agrees to the betrothal and the heroine is totally PO'd by his high-handed announcement (she wasn't terribly enamored of him before that, despite a certain intimate encounter in the garden) and... dang! There are days I totally LOVE my job.

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Stephanie Underwood said...

Oh yes, this is a great scene! My Lord's Desire was the first of your books that I purchased and it's still one of my favorites. I love reading about the writing process.