Friday, February 03, 2006

Downtown, where all the lights are bright...

Today I had an expedition downtown. I live in the 'burbs, so I don't get there very often. I was delivering posters for a signing I'm doing in February -- and good golly, Miss Molly, I was pleasantly surprised by the efforts the event planner's already gone to. They had a HUGE sign out front. It wasn't just publicizing the signing -- they're having other "romance-oriented" events next weekend as well -- but I was still tremendously impressed. Then, inside the store, they had two more gigantic signs. Since I've gone to quite a bit of effort arranging the signing, it was wonderful to see the store planner making a major effort, too.

Naturally, since I was in a bookstore, I had to buy some books -- one about life in a medieval town and another about King John. The latter might be a little dry, but I'm hopeful I'll find the kind of telling detail that gives me a thrill and I love to use -- some tidbit about medieval life that's interesting and not well known.

Then I went to a big department store and, in the space of half an hour, purchased a new watch with big numbers so I can see what time it is without my reading glasses, hand towels and a jacket. The jacket was the big score, because it's kinda trendy, so not something I'd normally gravitate to. I don't have the opportunity to wear business clothes much, so it makes sense to me to stay with the classics. However, it was such a bargain, it won't matter if it's out of style next year. If I get to wear it three times, I'll consider it worth the price. Since I'm planning to wear it to next week's signing, I'm nearly a third of the way there already!

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