Monday, February 13, 2006

A signing to remember....

And it had nothing to do with the books. Tired of sitting in her house, a pregnant, due-any-time friend came down. She went into labor at the signing. Yep, right there in the bookstore. She didn't have the baby there (I'm still waiting to hear about that and hoping all went well) but whew, doggies! That was a new one. Plus, for those of us not going into labor, there was cake. And I sold some books. All in all, a memorable (to put it mildly!), fun day on Sunday.

I also realized over the weekend I should probably never start a book in January. I mean, seriously, is it the cold? The gray skies? What I have now is too dern grim! So I wrote a new opening to Chapter One today. It's not a laff riot, but what I did was get the hero's backstory out of the way before he meets the heroine. just as I show hers in the prologue.

Why do that? Because now that I've established (relatively quickly) that they've suffered, I can show a different, lighter side of their personalities when they meet. I think that makes it more likely that affection would blossom between them, as well as desire. It should (hopefully) make them more likeable, too.

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