Thursday, February 09, 2006

February is flying by....

Okay, what happened to the extra week that was supposed to be at the beginning of February?

I swear this happens to me every year -- I always seem to forget February is a short month and assume that there's an extra week there somewhere.

I realized that yesterday and dang if it wasn't a day I had a lot of running around to do (ie not writing). For one thing, I got a much needed haircut. My hair is short (see picture) and has been for all of my life except for a couple of months when I was about ten. I've been needing a cut for weeks, but there were revisions and other things that kept pushing that to the back burner. I finally got there yesterday and discovered I hadn't had a haircut since NOVEMBER. Trust me, this was way, way too long to go between cuts (no pun intended).

Then I got home and discovered that the vacuum cleaner needed a new belt, and since my dearest Darling Darla (aka the cleaning lady) was waiting to finish the vacuuming, it was off to the store to get a new one. Fortunately, the store was close and I was able to do another errand on the same janut.

But by now, the day was pretty much shot and I'd written...nothing. And I had suddenly twigged to the fact that February was rushing by and the tension began and then I realized everybody else was going to be out for the evening -- hubby and son to a basketball game, daughter to work. I would have the house to myself. It would be quiet.

So now you know how I spent my evening. I finished Chapter one, and then I did something I should have done last week -- I went through my synopsis and did an outline of sorts on file cards. But more about that system another day, because I've got to get to Chapter Two. Next thing I know, it'll be March!

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