Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wish me luck!

I am about to embark on an Epic Chapter Revision, the sort where I take a bit from one scene, another bit from another, a chunk from a third and a whole lot from somewhere much later in the first draft and combine them all to make a new, longer, more vital and emotionally intense scene. Picture me flexing my fingers like a concert pianist about to play something complicated, with brow furrowed and lips pursed.

While thinking, why do I do this???? Every single book, there's at least one major revision like this. I have, in fact, literally cut and pasted pages together until I had the basic scene (that was for VOWS).

This time, I'm hoping I can do it all on the computer, although I did have to go through a printout to figure out exactly what was getting moved and the new sequence. I just didn't cut the scenes apart with scissors and glue them onto other scrap, although I may resort to that.

I'll let you know what happened tomorrow. For now, though, wish me luck! I fear I'm gonna need it.

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Anonymous said...


I've not popped on for so long -- real life is just too darn busy, and now blogging myself ...

why did I do it? It's just one more thing on an already too long to-do list!

May dialogue B fit smoothly into scene F along with the bit from chapter D! Luck, MM!