Friday, October 03, 2008

Weight Loss Challenge - maybe not pounds, but inches!

Today's weight, pre-breakfast and pre-walk - 145.2. However, I'm fairly certain that will drop below 145 after my walk. So...not a big loss but there was another birthday this week, with cake leftovers (forgotten by the folks who were supposed to take it and save me from temptation), a Coke and white potatoes and rice. I truly believe white potatoes are the equivalent of a big fat piece of pie for me.

But here's a great result, regardless of what the scale says -- I've lost at least an inch around my waist! Whooo hooo! (There's no point measuring anywhere else -- that's where all the excess goes on my body.)

Tomorrow, a wedding. Next weekend is our Thanksgiving, which means pumpkin pie and more white potatoes. However, between those two days, I should be able to follow my mantra -- eat better.

The walk count for this week:
Sept. 26 - 11,801
Sept. 27 - 13,017
Sept. 28 - Word on the Street, so I wasn't wearing my pedometer. Nevertheless, I'm getting pretty good at estimating steps now, so I think I did at least 3,000. Still, not a lot.
Sept. 29 - 16,607 - This walk was along a path created by the city and I went right to the end and back. There had been drainage problems, but they've taken steps to address them, to which I say, "Yeah for my tax dollars!" Since I'll be attending the wedding tomorrow, I'll be doing this walk today. I was going to take a more steep walk, but it'll be too wet.
Sept. 30 - 13,245
Oct. 1 - 13,291 (which has led me to conclude that without purposefully taking a long walk, I only do about 3-4,000 steps, even on a busy day)
Oct. 2 - 10,226 (I went out for lunch and to do a little shopping, so probably about another 500 more)

I'm encouraged that my simple plan is working, and here's hoping I can lose another pound between now and next Friday!

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