Friday, October 17, 2008

Weight Loss Challenge - holding the course

I fell off the no-drinks-with-calories wagon last night and had a Coke while watching Survivor and reading the latest issue of O magazine. Sadly, this series of Survivor is not very exciting, which tends to happen when one team totally dominates the other.

Despite that and Thanksgiving, dinner out and a few cookies through the week, I'm happy to report that my weight today (pre-breakfast, pre-walk) is 143.6. That's 7.8 pounds down from my starting weight of 151.4 on August 14 -- so eight pounds in two months, or about a pound a week. Whoo hooo! I'm still not sure if I'll make 140 by Hallowe'en, but I'll keep a-walkin' and trying to keep up with my vow to "eat better".

This week's walk count:
Oct. 10 - 12,184
Oct. 11 - 13,402
Oct. 12 - 10,678 (this is the day we went out to dinner)
Oct. 13 - 13,298
Oct. 14 - 12,226
Oct. 15 - 11,053 (this was the day we were expecting the new computer to be delivered, so I didn't go as far, but took the steepest route to compensate)
Oct. 16 - 13,554

When we get the new computer up and running, I'm hoping to figure out how to upload pictures from my walks to add to my Friday blog. I've seen some interesting, beautiful things -- the fall leaves, the lake, deer, a fox, a heron (completely unexpected!), and some lovely houses.

I think I've forgotten to mention the snow sneakers I got from L.L. Bean, so I can keep up the walking in the winter. They're lighter and more flexible than boots, but warmer and with better soles than running shoes. And I knit myself a headband to wear while walking this week, too.

Yep, I'm serious about this walking/weight loss thing!


Amy Ruttan said...


You're doing awesome.

Satria Sudeki said...

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Michelle Styles said...

Hooray on your weight loss etc! Slow and steady.

Are you finding that the exercise is making you more mentally agile? I have noticed with my rowing that I am thinking more clearly.

Margaret Moore said...

Thanks, everyone! I think the family would say it's not necessarily making me more mentally agile -- the hubby got the blank stare of stunned when he interrupted me while I was revising the other day -- but I'm certainly enjoying the sunlight and the fresh air, and I think that makes a big difference in general outlook.

Anonymous said...

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