Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Potpourri

The new computer is up and running. Haven't got everything figured out because I'm trying to concentrate more on the revising/rewriting/renovation of the first three chapters, though.

Alas, it's always like this for those first chapters (with rare exceptions) -- write, cut, add, cut, write more, cut, add, cut. I did a quick check because everything I cut goes into a "dump" folder, and so far, with this draft, I've lost 13 pages. I may make it sound as if this doesn't bother me. Well, it does because ARGH. What was I thinking? On the other hand, I consider it a necessary part of the process.

So much has to be done right at the start: introduce the characters in a way that makes people want to read more about them. Introduce conflict and questions, and more than one or two. I have major ones, such as who is the heroine and why is she running away and from whom? to minor (where exactly is Buggy's tattoo?). I have to create the world, so readers want to be there. The other thing I have to try to do is not drive myself nuts in the process.

I didn't get as much done on the weekend as I would have liked because I attended an all-day workshop on Saturday and got Lisa Kleypas's SEDUCE ME AT SUNRISE on Friday. I inhaled that wonderful, wonderful book and seriously thought, in regards to getting to the workshop, "Oh, goody! A nice long subway ride so I can read!

Actually, bless my hubby's heart, he picked it up for me, which is a bit like having your husband pick up feminine hygiene products, I suspect.

I didn't win any of the draw prizes at the workshop. I wasn't surprised. My ticket number ended with 666.

Now off to watch Deep Space Nine. I've given up Law & Order since they're not showing Lenny episodes. I really like the ensemble in Deep Space. Not so keen on Cisco, who seems to feel compelled to make every utterance from the diaphram. Unfortunately, it's on at noon, so it's messing with the writing schedule I've had for several years. I am trying to be like the Borg, and adapt.

Then, walkies! I totally fell off the eating well wagon this weekend, so better step lively this afternoon. While thinking about the first three chapters.


Amy Ruttan said...

Have you seen Voyager. I like that one more than Next Generation and I thought that would never happen.

Wasn't it the devil's spawn ticket?

I'm very happy with my prizes!! *wink*

I couldn't believe they drew my number twice ... I had 13 tickets!!

Kimber Chin said...

Ohh... no spoilers!
I haven't yet read Seduce Me.
Really looking forward to it!

Margaret Moore said...

Hi Amy. I'm so glad you like your prize! :-)

I didn't like Next Gen much. Picard was okay (although he'll always be Sejanus from I, Claudius to me), but I didn't like the group as a whole that much. I like Voyager, although I felt it got to be the Janeway and Seven Show. I really get a kick out of Quark, and I like the relationship between him and Odo.

As for Seduce Me, Kinber...not say...AAAAHHhhhhhhrrrrghhh....

Amy Ruttan said...

Oh you don't want to start me on a tangent about Seven and Chakotay at the end. LOL!!

Quark was cool. I have to watch DS9again.

Margaret Moore said...

Seven should have wound up with the guy from the unimatrix or whatever that was called. I don't care if he was on the other side of the universe! I have this vision of him doing nearly impossible things to find her and he does and what the...???? My heart breaks!