Thursday, October 16, 2008

The kind of review an author lives for...

Or at least, this author! I found a wonderful review for A LOVER'S KISS last night, at a blog called Enduring Romance.

Here's a sample:

"I also love Drury. (Sigh) He is so tortured and deep. Juliette, do I really need to sell you on her? She threw potatoes at the hardened thugs attacking Drury. Potatoes! Her creative solutions are a delight to read. Drury and Juliette together? Fireworks."

It totally made my week!

Read the whole review.

And for anybody who wonders exactly what we mean when we speak of an author's "voice," you can certainly "hear" a distinct, vibrant voice in this review!


Anonymous said...

That review? Yeah -- that's pretty much how I felt about Lover's Kiss! Good to see it up in print! (Also good to hear from another 'frothing at the mouth Margaret Moore fangirl'...I feel much better now...)

Eva C.

Crystal-Rain Love said...