Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crusoe...the good, the bad and the just plain weird

Despite the lure of SEDUCE ME AT SUNRISE (and believe you me, 'twas powerful! Merripen. Oh...my...word. For Kimber's sake, I say no more.), I did watch the new show Crusoe on Friday night, in part because I feel duty-bound to support any "popular entertainment" shows that are even this loosely historical.

Okay, comes the credits and I'm thinking, "Gosh, that guy playing Crusoe is totally the poor man's Sean Bean. Wow, he looks a lot like Sean Bean...oh, my gosh, that IS Sean Bean!"

SB played C's daddy. Sam Neill played C's mentor and I do believe we're going to find out he's really teh evil. Both these guys, combined with the absolutely LUDICROUS contraptions on the island, meant I liked the flashbacks a whole lot more than the "present day" silliness.

Will somebody please explain to me why the folks who make "historical" tv shows (and yes, I'm lookin' at you, too, BBC Robin Hood) think people want to see those stupid machines that are completely WRONG? I mean, seriously. Why? I totally howled at the TV when I saw that thing for going over the river in Crusoe. Scared the cats howled. And then there was ye olde juice maker. Why? Why? Why? It makes the whole show look foolish.

Same thing with the costumes. I don't really think there was a lot of leather strip fashion goin' on, ya know? At least with Crusoe, it looks like it could be real leather. Poor Richard Armitage has been stuck in pleather for three seasons on Robin Hood. I won't even get started on Marion's costumes, lest I start frothing at the mouth.

That said, the guy playing Crusoe was okay, liked Friday (although the third person use of Friday's name is goin' to get old really fast) and enjoyed the Pirate King.

Will I watch again? Maybe, while I knit and if there's nothing else on because...Sean Bean! Sam Neill! I shall simply have to grit my teeth when it comes to Crusoe's resort accommodation. But really, I'm half expecting to see the Travelocity gnome perched somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Oh, My! Loved your post! Lol!

I tried to watch Crusoe, but after the first few minutes I decided I didn't care all that much... So there I am in the kitchen, washing dishes, and Son is yelling out, 'It's Sean Bean, Mom, it's Sean Bean!' And I yell out, 'Nah, can't be, just someone who looks like him.' I guess someone will be apologizing later today...

And Marion, yeah, some of those cute little sweaters -- I didn't know they had Marks and Spencers in the middle ages!

love your blog
Eva C.

Margaret Moore said...

Thanks, Eva! :-)

M. said...

i think this is my first time posting here - found your site via romancing the blog.

i watched also, in between surfing and lulling a toddler to sleep. i enjoyed it, even the over-the-topness (how did he get all those heavy things up in the treetops by himself? why is he always shaved? how is he keeping his hair cut and not looking sunburned and dreadlocked?). i thought the pirate girl was cool.

and if you want a 'wow, that guy could be sean bean's out of shape dad' moment, take a look at the movie 'after the wedding'. i'd recommend it in itself, but also, because older danish sean bean = how cool!

Margaret Moore said...

A Danish-could-have-been-a-Viking Sean Bean???? Oh, there's an image to inspire a gal.... Thanks! I'll have to put that on my must-see list!