Friday, October 10, 2008

Weight Loss Challenge...on a plateau

Hmmm....I seem to have hit a plateau. Today's weight is 145.2 -- although this is post-breakfast, pre-walk. Now that the days are cooler, I've changed my schedule so that I walk in the afternoon. So let's give me the benefit of the doubt, and say I'm just below 145.

I also note that I was at a wedding last Saturday that involved the most food I've ever seen at a wedding, and no walking. I also don't dance much, so...not a lot of activity that day. However, there always seems to be something waiting to trap me -- this weekend is our Thanksgiving, meaning white potatoes and pumpkin pie. We're also going out to dinner on Sunday. I'm telling myself if I can maintain 145 and not go up by next Friday, that will be good. Also, I'm going to cut out all drinks in the evening save decaf tea and water till the end of the month and see what happens. I'm not a big water drinker, so I've substituted low-cal juice for pop. Unfortunately, low-cal does not mean no-cal. So it's the decaf tea for me.

In the good news column, though, I can now tighten by belt two notches. Wednesday's walk took me along a route with a steep incline that would have had me huffing and puffing two months ago. This time, I found it much easier. So good things are happening, whatever the scale may say.

This week's walk count:
Oct. 3 - 16,315
Oct. 4 - 0 (the wedding)
Oct. 5 - 10,595 (although along a different route with a fairly steep incline)
Oct. 6 - 13,252
Oct. 7 - 13,176
Oct. 8 - 11,101
Oct. 9 - 12,606 (walked to the mall, some major hillage along the way)

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