Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Later that same day....

Argh. Yargh. Clutching of short hairs on head.

I started a new scene, but have just spent the last hour and a half's wrong. It doesn't feel right. What's it contributing? Is it just same-old-same-old?

I'm going to put it in the cut file and start another scene. I thought I could see my way clear to the end of the ms, but obviously, no. I've hit a speed bump.

At least the repair is going to be a fast, easy fix and the guy's coming tonight.

Nevertheless, ARGH.

ETA still later that same day -- I wound up keeping that scene. It might not make the final cut, or may be rolled into another scene, but there was material in it I deemed worthy of keeping. Then I wrote a new scene. Onward and upward! And hey, I'm done and it's not yet 4:30. Yeah!

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