Friday, October 26, 2007

Whoooooo hooooo!

While I believe Hugh Jackman is a heck of a performer, I can't be sorry his new show got canceled. Because -- oh, joy, oh, rapture! -- they've moved The Amazing Race into the slot, so instead of starting in January, it will be starting November 4. It's like an early Hallowe'en treat!

Mind you, I'm already worried about a team getting eliminated (Father/Daughter). You can see all the teams and read their bios as at

In other news, why is it that everything we've had done on the house and/or repaired has had another problem that needed to be fixed? Fortunately, the folks who needed to do the fixin' have all been quick to do so, but it means more time away from the working.

But I'm too happy to be frustrated today. The Amazing Race! Whoo whoo!

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