Thursday, October 18, 2007

Only so much time in the day....

This blog post will be short, because I also have to update my website. I have some Very Exciting News to announce, which also means changing more than one page, which means more work.

I also have to go back and remove a plot/character ball I tossed into the air yesterday. Upon further reflection, I decided it was one character/complication too many. Then I really need to move on with the next scene.

Based on some most excellent advice from Blog Guru Kimber Chin, I have a few things to add/work on with my blog, too, and I'd like to get started on them.

So lots to do -- and may wind up making a fast trip to the vet, because we cannot get The Count to take a pill. He's no little sylph, and is really strong and fights like the dickens. I finally tried crushing it and adding it to his food, since he's a big eater, but he figured it out and is now giving me the stink eye.

So, to work with me!


Kimber Chin said...

No, not a blogging guru.
There are some legit blogging gurus out there.
I'm merely passing along their information.

Margaret Moore said...

Say what you will, you're a guru to me! :-)