Friday, October 12, 2007

And so it goes

The mayhem continues! I did get some work done yesterday, despite a very late start, but not as much as I would have liked, and this morning was a (ha!) write off. So I'm staying pretty close to home over the weekend, although I do hope to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Clive Owen. On deck. Oh my!

I'm grabbing a few moments before lunch for a quick TV potpourri, because I want to get in a few solid hours of work this afternoon and not stop until it's time to make dinner.

Survivor: Soaking. Well, at least they looked dry for once. But please, could they get some clothes? I don't know if the producers are aware of this, but that show used to be considered family viewing for many people. But if they're going with the skivvies and the blurring? Never mind. Also, a relatively bland cast. Those shows really depend on the casting, and the latest season is something of a disappointment. Also, do they get to shower and wash what remains of their clothes before Tribal Council? Or were all the Tribal Councils filmed back in NA? They look so clean at those things.

Pushing Daisies. One viewing was enough. Too cutesy-woo by far.

Prison Break. We recorded this in favor of Chuck. Still haven't seen it. Haven't missed it. Farewell, pretty Capt. Wentworth.

Enjoying Chuck. Good cast. Adam Baldwin, aka Jayne from Firefly, one of all-tme fav characters, playing a CIA agent working at a big box electronics store. I love it!

Ugly Betty: I don't like frantic, stressed Betty. Last season, she was the sweetness in a sour workplace. Now, not so much. I fell asleep watching it (taped) last night. I think that's it for me.

The Office: still loving it. Kelly and Darrell? Heeee! We saw Andy and Angela coming, but still funny.

Life: Taped it, haven't seen this week's episode yet.

Journeyman: Taped over it before watching. Oops, yet not terribly upset. Sorry, Lucius Veranus, it ain't workin' for me.

The Sexalicious Tudors: Yep, that Henry was quite the lascivious guy. But why did they portray him as so excited over the birth of Henry Fitzroy in the latest episode? He'd had sons by Katherine. They just didn't live that long. So the birth itself shouldn't have put him over the moon. The first birthday, maybe.

Heroes: continues to hold my interest, although I could do without the repetitious nature of the scenes of the two young folks trying to get to the US. Oh, and the amnesia thing. I've never been a fan of such plots. Now watch me come up with a story idea involving...amnesia!

That's it! Time's up! Gotta eat, then write.

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