Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lessons from Kid Nation

Yes, I confess: I've been watching Kid Nation. More than that, I've been fascinated by it. If I had school-age kids, you can bet I'd be watching it with them and using it as a springboard for discussions about dealing with problems, what makes a good leader, etc.

For instance, take Mike, the ousted leader of the Red District. First, I wish those votes had not been read out loud. Poor kid -- that was brutal. Mike's failure as a leader, though, I think, is his lack of sense of humor when it comes to issuing orders and being in charge. He has a sense of humor as revealed in the interviews, but he seemed to lose it when being in leader-mode, especially at the first sign of a challenge to his authority.

Then there's the ousted yellow leader and her acolytes. Plenty of fodder for lots of discussion there on leaders and followers.

On another note, it must be the romance writer in me, but I think Green Leader Laurel is sweet on bad boy Greg (who's not so bad). I could so see a YA romance developing between them. Could that be why, having written one YA romance (GWYNETH AND THE THIEF), I suddenly have a hankering to write another?

Overall, I'm impressed with the majority of the kids. Many of them make other reality show contestants look immature.

Speaking of other reality shows, what's going to happen tonight on Survivor? Do those women think James (hero to older, hardworking women and lunch ladies everywhere) is going to feed them after they threw the challenge and laughed about it? Obviously, they don't care what he thinks, how he feels and assume, given his will to win, that he will still continue to exert himself in the challenges. Maybe he will, but get food for them? I'm thinking, no way. I really, really hope there's going to be another team switcheroo. I want James to get the last laugh.

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