Monday, October 01, 2007

A great weekend (even though I didn't win a medal)

I had a really wonderful weekend, aided in part by the abolutely lovely weather. It was more like the end of August than September.

Sunday was the annual Word on the Street book and magazine festival in Toronto. I've attended before, but this was the first time the weather was that magnificent and I'd had so many people tell me that they'd read my books and enjoyed them. Harlequin gets a big thank you for supplying books for me to sign.

I also got to gab with fellow romance writers from Toronto Romance Writers. That's always a delight, because nobody understands being a writer like other writers.

As an added bonus, the event was near the university I attended, and they were having a book sale. I scored several great research books at bargain prices.

On Saturday, another glorious day, my husband and I attended the annual euchre party of our high school buddies, plus spouses who married into the gang known to our kids as "Euchre Party People." We start at noon, and go till about 10. There are two meals and many, many unhealthy snacks, plus drinks. I myself stick to cola, although whatever I drink has apparently no correlation to my playing skill. We play, we gab, we catch up on family news. Medals are awarded (gold, silver and bronze).

I have not won a euchre medal in many years. Yet, lo! This year, my partner and I (chosen by drawing names) made it to the finals. In fact, we won the first round. But then -- oh woe! -- I made a bad call of trump and we got euchred. The last hand, it was nine to nine. And then my very own spouse euchred us on the very last trick. So we came fourth, and thus no medal for us. Whaaa! Maybe next year.

All in all, it was a great weekend visiting with old friends, talking with fellow writers and meeting readers.

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