Saturday, October 27, 2007

Good News/Bad News

So the good news is, The Amazing Race starts November 4. The bad news is, the clocks go back early that morning. I am sad when the clocks go back. It means winter is not far off. I like winter at Christmas, then I wish it were over.

The good news is, we have gas inserts! The bad news: there was a problem with the switches and remote. The good news is, the guy came the next day to fix it. The bad news is, I lost an hour of prime writing time.

The good news is, we got back our server, all refinished and with drawer, shelf and back that needed to be built. The bad news: they put the leaded glass in the doors in upside down. The good news is, they sent somebody to repair it the next day and it took all of about five minutes. The bad news, I was a tad stressed when I realized there was a problem.

The bad news is, I haven't started writing until after 10 pm the past two nights. The good news is, I'm an owl, not a lark, so I think it's been good stuff, not just writing for the sake of writing. Actually, that's a really good thing.


Anonymous said...

Do you need to step away from the caffeine before you post?

(That's me teasing, it had a frantic coffee-high feel to it!)


Margaret Moore said...

I don't drink coffee -- for precisely that reason. I'd be circling the ceiling. I can get pretty animated when I'm excited without it. You should have seen me going through the screencaps of Episode 3 of Season 2 of Robin Hood. We were just about bouncing out of our chairs. Or collapsing with gleeful laughter.