Monday, October 22, 2007

Holding Pattern

Today we're getting something done that I've been wanting to do for about the last ten years. Our two allegedly wood-burning fireplaces that don't draw properly so you can't use them are being replaced by gas inserts. First, though, we're getting the mantels remodeled. Which means this morning, I am waiting for Mantel Man to arrive. It's after 9 a.m., so I'm starting to think I should have phoned last week to ask what time he's starting today.

This is the sort of situation where working at home is both good and bad. Good, because I don't have to miss work staying home to supervise. Bad, because I still have to work regardless of what's going on in other parts of the house. At this point in the proceedings, I'm also typing while listening for the doorbell and wondering if I've got the wrong date or something else has gone wrong. Not exactly conducive to creativity, that.

This explains why I am blogging right now, and not working on Chapter Thirteen. (Thirteen? Coincidence??)

This is also why, if I have to call a repairman or other contractor, I will often say I'm taking the day off work, because in a sense, that's true. I really can't concentrate fully under such circumstances. I can revise, but it's very difficult to write new material (and really good luck if I'm at a love scene!). Unfortunately, I learned long ago that if such fellas (and they have always been men) think I am "just" a housewife, my appointment gets low priority. After all, I think they reason, I've got nothing else to do and nowhere pressing I have to be.

Infuriating? Oh, heck, yes! As a stay-at-home mom, I had even less time to wait around when my kids were smaller, between volunteering at school, going on field trips, driving to lessons, etc. etc. Stay-at-home was a real misnomer.

I'll give it a little longer, then give Mantel Man a call. In the meantime, I'll fire up the writing computer and read through what I wrote yesterday. I might not get to the new stuff until after 4. Again.

This may turn out to be The Book Written When I Should Be Making Dinner.

ETA: Mantel Man and Assistant arrived at 9:50. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Good news that mantel man arrived relatively early. Today, this SAHM had to await cable man, and again, I was assured a phone call first, and again, he knocked on my door at 8.15 without any ringing telephone. Luckily, he was done in 15 minutes and my day could quickly proceed at it's usual unmanageable pace. Too bad my deadline is in five days and I feel like I have ten days worth of work before then.

Also, getting ready for the first AA North American meet-up in Dallas in five days, SO, no way I'm missing out on drooling over Richard's work in a hotel suite with a dozen other ladies who all get it! Deadline must be met!

And website is tentatively done, awaiting the scrutinizing eyeball of a few critics.

Yeah, SAHM, nothing to do but sit on the couch most days and watch the four sprouts . . . sprout.


Margaret Moore said...

Say hello to the AA for me! And good luck with the deadline!

Kimber Chin said...

That is one great thing about working at home.

I used to have to take a precious vacation day to wait for Mantel Man.

So I'd be waiting, stewing and thinking this darn guy is taking away a day I could be spending in a Paris.