Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Working even in my sleep....

I tell ya, I am one hard-workin' writer woman! Because last night, it happened again -- proof that my writer's brain continues to work even in my sleep.

See, sometimes I get to the end of the writing day and am faced with a problem. I don't know how to go from the scene I just finished to the next one. Or, as in the case last night, I knew something was "off" in the two chapters I'd been working on (no TV!), yet I couldn't quite put my finger on what. Too much backstory? Too much dialogue and not enough narrative? Did the scenes feel like filler? I just couldn't tell.

I gave up and went to bed.

And when I awoke this morning, voila! I know what's wrong. Where the heck is my hero's POV in all this? How does he feel about what's going on? In fact, I think I'm probably "light" on anybody's POV.


But now that my subconscious had identified the problem, I can revise with that in mind, and hopefully, the scenes will work much better.


Amy Ruttan said...

I dream plots. I think all my WIPs came from sort of dream. I guess that's why my hero always looks like Gerard Butler. ;)

Kimber said...

Some of my best problem solving is done over night. Before making a crucial decision, I usually try to sleep on it.