Sunday, March 04, 2007

Oh, how wrong he is!

I laughed out loud while reading one of the local papers this morning. A male entertainment columnist was opining about the new film, 300, and who was likely to go to this film about the Battle of Thermopylae. He wrote, "Not expected to turn out amid the droves of nerds and gay men? Women."

Great googly moogly, does he really believe no woman wants to see a movie full of buff, half-naked men? If he does, consider my mind boggled.

How many women went to see Braveheart? Or Gladiator? Or Saving Private Ryan? Or Troy? I don't think we wandered in by mistake, and the sight of Mel Gibson in a kilt, Russell Crowe in armor, Tom Hanks in his rumpled fatigues, or Orlando Bloom as Paris had nothing to do with our attendance.

The one thing that gives me pause about seeing this movie is that the Historical Inaccuracy Cringe Quotient may be high. After all, those loin cloths? Don't offer much protection, and wouldn't those capes be a pain during battle, with a tendancy to, ya know, interfere with the ol' sword arm? On the other hand, Gerard Butler in a loin cloth!

I'm hoping to get there opening day.


Anonymous said...

Leather Speedos, not loin cloths.

And Gladiator was definitely a chick flick. At first the crowds were more like 50/50, but before long it was females going back in groups to see it.

Margaret Moore said...

Whatever you call 'em, it's...not much!

Re Gladiator -- I think one reason it was so popular was because it was about a guy avenging his wife and son. Russell Crowe's part in LA Confidential, about a guy who hates men who beat women, was also instrumental in his popularity, I think. It's not so much that he's good-looking, because he's not, particularly. But those roles were ones women -- and men, too! -- could really appreciate. Contrast that with Master and Commander, which didn't do nearly as well. Same actor, but quite a different focus when it came to the character.

Anonymous said...

Just forget about historical accuracy and enjoy the ride! It's a graphic novel brought to the big screen, not the historical battle itself. Sure, the novel was based on the battle, but it's still a comic book when you get right down to it! So expect lots of technically incorrect plot points. But hey, GB in a leather speedo...can't go wrong!

Leah Braemel said...

I've read that some peoples battled naked - the Berserkers, the Picts(?) IIRC, along with a quite a few other warriors. So the loin cloth isn't that much of a stretch. But what on earth is this guy thinking? That women aren't appreciative of a buff male bod? As you say, why else would I have sat through Troy if not to see those delicious men?

Christine said...

I have plans to see this one at the IMAX theatre. GB on an IMAX screen...yummy.

Kimber said...

Oh, no, I hate the sight of good looking, half naked men. It wasn't me watching the prison scene in Chronicles of Riddick a half million times. Nope. That was my evil twin.

The only thing holding me back from this movie is how it was shot. Kind of looks like video game graphics.

Margaret Moore said...

IMAX? I don't think I could handle it!

Oh, Chronicles of Riddick. Was Colm Feore not the bestest baddie in that film?

Kimber, I'm with you on the "look" of the movie. From what I've seen, it looks very strange and dark; I gather they shot the whole thing with green screen -- no "real" sets -- for the graphic art look. And the dialogue I've heard doesn't fill me with hope, either.

I don't know a whole lot about the battle itself (except the outcome), and right now, I'm thinking that's probably a good thing. :-)

Michelle said...

It's interesting that you'd go and see this movie, Margaret, when you don't want to see Zodiac. Since I believe 300 is directed by the same guy who did Sin City, I would say amongst the half-naked hotties will be headless hotties, decapitated for our viewing pleasure, amongst many other bloody, torturous scenes.

That said, I will definitely be going. I mean, Gerard Butler? Come on. Even with the odd nose prosthetic I'm all over that action.

Margaret Moore said...

Battle scenes I can handle. Creepy serial killers lurking in the dark? Not so much.

I didn't see Sin City, although Clive Owen made it very tempting.

Sounds like I may wind up covering my eyes a lot, though!

Amy Ruttan said...

Oooh, make me swoon. I know alot of women who want to see this ... and I bought Men's Health Magazine only because GB had an interview and some lovely drool worthy pictures of him working out.

Moogly Googly, I didn't know you watched Maggie and the Ferocious Beast! My toddlers love it. LOVE IT.

Michelle said...

Amy.... ROFL... I bought that copy too!!! We're so easy!

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, I bought it, too, and five copies that I mailed to France, Denmark, England, and Spain. We call Gerry the BOD in the COD, and one of my cyber gals went to a fundraiser and got to touch that COD in RL, which made me question her sanity. Until I realized I just bought six copies of a magazine for pretty much the same reasons.

Off to the IMAX in three days with sis I go!